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Ramsey Thompson


c 409.354.8665



Interests: Quality time with my family, running, yoga and traveling

Favorite Houston restaurant: Xochi

Next vacation will be: Barcelona in November


Born and raised in Kansas as a hard-working farm girl, Ramsey moved to Texas after graduating high school to attend Texas A&M University in Galveston. In 2003, Ramsey graduated with a Bachelor's in Science in Marine Biology.  Shortly after, she married the love of her life, and together, she and her husband Charles moved around the world to Dubai, Brazil, and Cape Town for the next 4 years. Upon returning to Texas, Ramsey became a high school science teacher and taught for 10 years in public education.  She loves working with people to help them reach their full potential and to achieve their dreams!

Living by the water has proved to be essential for Ramsey and her family. She understands the importance of community and how much value living in the bay area brings. Ramsey and her family currently reside in League City and stay at the family beach house frequently in Galveston.


Ramsey and Charles have three beautiful, young children together- Pierce, Cora, and Brooks. Ramsey enjoys spending quality time with her family, traveling, going to the beach, running and yoga


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